Welcome to the Multi-Faith Network!The place of knowledge and understanding different faiths

The Multi-Faith Network works to enhance the understanding of the community about different faiths which enables readers to have a good understanding about different faiths. This is done by educating the people and sharing good practices of different faiths to clear up any misconceptions or uncertainties between different faiths. This site raises awareness within the society of the significance of different faiths to increase their understanding and bring communities together through technology. The Multi-Faith Network includes interactive and educational resources to develop people’s understanding of each other's faiths and provide a productive learning service.  The aim of this web-based learning service is to bring communities together and provide an beneficial learning curb for many people to enahance their understanding of different faiths and remove the hatred in our hearts. As Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) stated "When Allah wishes good for someone, He bestows upon him the understanding of the Deen (religion) (Bukhari and Muslim)